ASIC firmware Development

WDB Systems has expertise of developing ASIC firmware for a variety of applications.

Simulator/ Emulator

C models (Instruction set simulator) can be developed for various HW blocks of ASIC & create an environment for developing firmware.

Firmware development on simulator/emulator

Before final RTL test bench is available, the whole firmware can be developed on simulator/ emulator.

Firmware Testing

Firmware is tested in the following environments.

  • Simulator/Emulator
  • FPGA
  • RTL Test bench
  • Evalution board/SDK board

ASIC bring up & SDK Maintenance

The final firmware is validated on the ASIC. The required user API/drivers are created for making SDK Release. We can do new SW features/bug fixing & make fresh SDK release based on customer requirements.

Customer Technical Support

We can assist the end customers with all issues related to the final application development using the ASIC/SDK.