Embedded Software Development

WDB Systems has expertise of developing embedded systems for a variety of applications. We do following.

Software Development on SDK

SDK is used to start software development before final HW board/device is available.

Board Bring-up

Bring-up newly designed embedded board

  • HW test code

    Specific test code to read/write various HW block register functionalities, memory reading/writing etc...

  • Board specific

    Specific code such as Clock setting, Register setting/ initialisation etc...

  • Boot code

    Boot code( similar to BSP) to load the firmware & hand off to application.

OS Porting/ Scheduler

The chosen OS is ported either on SDK or the actual target HW along with general OS resources such as heap, real time clock, timers etc...

Device Driver

Device drivers are developed for all the designated HW blocks with appropriate higher layer protocols.


Middleware such as network protocols like TCP/IP, Audio/Video encoders/decoders protocols etc...


The final application is developed.

Test Plan Development

Defining test environment, test plan, test execution & preparing test reports.


Debugging is done with appropriate debuggers using interfaces such as JTAG etc...