Modes of Engagement

WDB Systems offers the following modes of engagement.

Time & Material

This model is ideally suited for the projects where technical specifications, scope and implementation methodologies are not well defined at the outset as is the case with many technology-centric projects.

In many cases, there are lot of changes in the scope of the project and specifications undergo several iterations during implementation phase. Time and material-based pricing comes in handy here, which is usually based on man-month rate of engineering and management services.

Fixed Cost

This model is best suited to customers who have clearly specified requirements and well-defined deliverables. In this option, customer agrees to pay a pre-negotiated price for clearly defined deliverables.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated resources is the most preferred business model for customers who have long term engineering outsourcing plans for some of their design, development and testing requirements. A pool of dedicated engineering resources is assigned. Billing is based on agreed man-month rate.

Partnership Model

Development of products based on cutting-edge technologies involves lot of risk. It is partnership model of sharing risks & rewards.