What it is

  • This is simple IOT SDK based on WLAN technology using ESP8266.

  • It is driven from USB. On board 5V, 3.3 V power supply pins are available for powering any active sensor.

  • All GPIO pins are exposed sothat any passive/active sensor can be connected easily.

  • The avaiable hardware interfaces are UART/SPI/I2C PWM etc..

  • It is simple to use for pre building/evaluation of any IOT sensor product with ease.

  • It is quick to build end product as the most of software suite is already available.

  • Benefits

  • Ready to use IOT kit for any IOT application.

  • Development environmanet is either on windows or Linux. With a simple setup file the environment can be quickly set.

  • The customer support is provided to quick start the product development.

  • It helps quick prototyping of pilot device.

  • It can be used as standalone MCU +WLAN mode or Serial to Wifi mode.

  • It is educational kit for hobbist & students.

  • Sales & Enquiries