Recent Projects

  • OTA firmware upgrade

    Implemented firmware upgrade functionality on Renesas Synergy platform for s7g2 board

  • Linux Porting

    Ported latest Linux 4.x version to MPC5125 MCU

  • Sonar Water Controller

    It measures water level using ultrasonic sensor & transmits the information to remote cloud server using WLAN

  • Digital Invoice Product

    It involves transmitting invoice/bill to user mobile directly without external net connection . Complete software suite i.e PC application , Android mobile applictaion (e-Bill) developed.

  • IOT Device Firmware using WLAN

    Serial to Wi-Fi socket based application with features like Enterprise security, Wi-Fi Direct, Power Management , Firmware Upgrade etc...

  • Tracking Device Technical Support

    We provide technical customer support.

  • Tracking Device Firmware

    We developed firmware for this tracking device. The system gets GPS coordinates and send the same to remote cloud server using WLAN/ GPRS network.

  • Audio RHI Protocol

    We implemented RHI ( Repeater & Host interface protcol ) over TCP/IP stack . The received audio from external radio source is routed between Repeater & Host devices.

  • WLAN Consultaion

    We provided consultaion on WLAN protocol stack.

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