WDB Systems delivers high quality, and cost effective software/ firmware services within reasonable schedule by a team of highly qualified professionals. We pride ourselves in focusing on quality, reliability at a very competitive price. We strive to help our clients achieve their goals by excelling in their software systems.

WDB Systems has a wide array of services to cater to the needs of our customer. We have undertaken engagements lasting for a few months with a single resource, to ones involving large teams spanning multiple sites. We do provide our engineers onsite as well as offsite.

We offer services in the following areas

We help our customers at any given below stage of the project

  • Product Definition

    We have extensive technical experience and expertise in product definition and requirements specifications. We can work in the client's environment and gather the information from the technical and marketing staff to define the product.

  • Product Implementation

    We offer our services in architecting, designing and realizing the system. We follow the industry standard development process such as UML to execute the projects.

    We follow the given below architecture concepts

    • Soni

      It is layered architecture. The system is architected based on the functionality.

    • Origin Meta Model

      It is data streaming architecture. The system is architected based on data path.

    Under design and realization phase, our core technical strength lies in balancing the following

    • Resources
    • Performance
    • Maintainability

  • Product Validation

    We offer product tesing services. We can do validation at the given below levels.

    • Unit test

      The validation is at the module level or component level.

    • Integration test

      The validtaion is subsystem integration or full integration of the system.

    • Alpha test

      Requirements validation is done

    • Beta test

      The validation is at the customer level.

  • Product Maintenance

    We support the existing products for bug fixing, technical support for customers, adding new features etc.. Our services here are very cost-effective.

  • Tool development

    We assist in customized tools, test environments etc.., to be created for purposes that range from calibration to validation.

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