IOT Software Stack

What it is

  • This is generic IOT stack for ARM platforms having freeRTOS along with drivers such as UART,SPI,SDIO etc ...

  • It has LwIp & SSL stack ported. It also has SD card read/write functionality with file system ported.

  • It is available on STM32F4X & STM32F2X platforms (ARM CortexM3/M4).

  • It is simple to use for pre building/evaluation of any IOT sensor product with ease.

  • Benefits

  • Ready to use IOT stack for any IOT application.

  • Development environmanet is either on windows or Linux with free compiler tool chain for ARM platforms.

  • The customer support is provided to quick start the product development.

  • It is architected such a way that it can be ported to any other microcontroller & tool chain with ease.

  • Sales & Enquiries